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Frank Kilpatrick


Born in California, Frank always found himself infused with the Optimism of the Golden State, as reflected in the music of The Beach Boys, even after their “too simple” early songs had lost popularity with a portion of its audience. (Though wasn’t it Sir Paul McCarthy who said that the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds was “the Greatest Album ever made” – and had inspired their own Sergeant Pepper’s Masterpiece?!) 


For Frank become passionate in his appreciation of Brian Wilson’s talent – expressed both in his initial, best known songs – as well as in the unorthodox chord, melodic construction and unique harmonies unleashed as his work matured to represent more complexity and transcend its initial lifestyle themes. From this inspiration, Frank now endeavors to create unique musical narratives that probe ambiguity, nuance and paradox, regret and redemption, as to life’s choices and possibilities. Frank’s additional musical explorations have led him to find expression in symphonic rock, young female pop, and even heavy metal genres. The exploration of common-but-deeply-felt human questions — accompanied by the search for genuine meaning — is attempted with each new composition.  His musical compositions convey feelings of simplicity and joy – while at a deeper level probing for richer meaning, emotional exposure and reflection on deeply-felt human questions. 


For meanings are not always as they appear: For example, Frank’s “You Gave Me Nothing” demonstrations the many ways that even a song’s Title may be multiply-interpreted: Is this a song a reflection of Bitterness? Or does it celebrate the revelations offered through pulling back the layers that obscure our absolute internal perfection? As is available to us all along – but made more immediately evident through the creation of trusting and intimate disclosures with an intimate soul partner. 


Is his “Yellow Fever” the rant of an obsessive and objectifying racist? Or the call for each individual to examine his or her own part in perpetuating prejudice?


Does “Gender Genocide” provoke? Is it ugly and harsh? Does it make you want to turn away? But does it offer hope for a more equitable new cultural paradigm? If so, it has accomplished its objective. 


Doesn’t even Frank’s cheerful California Soul — “He was drifting through the darkness/Feelin’ Lonely: All alone/Searching’ for his meaning/Into the’ great unknown.” Until they “Drive top down on the coast - feel the ocean breeze/California!!/Tinseltown: It’s the happiest place to be” — reflect the story of “Seekers on the Path? 


And while today’s musical audiences are said to no longer listen to the words, doesn’t Frank’s “Broken (Open)” reveal the expressive movement from Closed-off psyches – “Yes, you were Broken - Empty/I was Broken - Closed-Off, too” – to suffering the risky process of internally Breaking apart – “We Broke Each Other Open/What a Scary Thing to do/Such Risks we took/To make two Halves a Whole” – to the wondrous Opening resulting from a jointly-undertaken spiritual journey that yields an apocalyptic breakthrough – “Shedding my Old Shell/A Chrysalis in the Light//Going Deeper and Deeper/I found the Me that had died” – to narrate this process in a startling and powerful way? 


Today, Frank’s music finds expression in styles from retro classic rock, to romantic pop — even J-Pop and meditative genres. 


Frank frequently collaborates with: Billy Hinsche – best known for his 30+ year touring role with The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson; co-Founder of Dino, Desi and Billy; and singer and/or songwriting contributor to the recordings of Elton John and Chicago, among others. Rayko – multi-lingual vocalist and TV actor; leader of her own band; Lolita Dark; and recently featured in the documentary feature Stay Alive. Arif Hodzic– Producer/Guitarist/Songwriter, and leader of the crowd-pleasing band, Olio, and Scott Paige – best known for his work with the international traveling bands for Pink Floyd, Toto and Supertramp. Frank also leverages a team of talented group of additional composers, players, and singers to produce custom material as needed. 


Frank notes his having sung with both The Beach Boys and the band Chicago. He is a Berkeley graduate.

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