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AIRAIN BALÉN Bass, Guitar, Engineer, Producer, Composer. 

AiRain Earth Balén, AKA Rain, has been true to his birth name throughout his life. He expresses a free yet focused spirit, depth and diversity, charisma, courage, gentle goodness and genuine gratitude, and resourcefulness and inner strength that has faithfully guided his path. These all shine through every part of his being, and the music he creates, as he brings a unique sensibility to every project he participates in. 


Rain is skilled in many musical genres from Jazz to Rock to Electronic to Metal and has been a performer in various bands over the years, most notably Lolita Dark (in which he plays five-string bass). 


Rain has also taught guitar and bass, both privately and through music schools. Rain also produces content in a variety of styles, having undertaken countless hours of self-instruction in audio engineering and mixing. 


Rain reports his greatest joy to be collaboration and creation with other artists and musicians. He is a cornerstone of our team that connects the pieces to make the magic happen!

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