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RAYKO Singer. Songwriter

Rayko is a Tokyo born Los Angeles based composer, vocalist, and a multi-instrumentalist. She has not stopped writing since the very first pop piano composition at the age of five. Her library now consists of 100’s of published and or ready to be published materials, in styles anywhere from ABBA to ZAPPA. 

As Frank’s most frequent collaborator, together they co-wrote “Gender Genocide,” “You Gave Me Nothing,” “Agony Flows With the Beating of The Heart,” and “Broken (Open),” among others. Currently, they are working, with Alex Wand, on Gratitude – a seven part Song/Video intended to provide morning-time meditative renewal for its audience


Rayko’s recent work includes: “Until We Meet Again” on The Man in The High Castle Season 1 Episode 2 and  “Sumidagawa” Season 2 Episode 3. “Forgiveness” ending theme on The Wolves of Saving Hill, featuring Kurt Fuller (Pursuit of Happiness, Supernatural), and late Michael Massee (Spiderman 2).


Rayko's vocal technique consists of Pop, Metal, Death Metal, Opera, Japanese Enka, Classical, Jazz, and even cross over Country. Other instruments Rayko plays are piano, guitar, and some drums. She is currently learning Koto and electric violin, to further expand her horizon as a musician.


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